3 Places to Buy Vivint

Here is everything you need to know

The best place to buy a Vivint system is by calling into their main line and ordering it over the phone. Their phone number is 833-606-2573.

This is how most people order their system since Vivint doesn’t have a store that you can go visit.

Once you call in, they will go over the equipment that is needed for the home and pricing. Once everything sounds good, they will schedule a time and date for a tech to come out to your house to finalize everything. If you like what you are hearing then the tech will go ahead and install it right then and there.

Over the phone isn’t the only place to buy Vivint, there are three ways in total. I’ll cover each one for you in more detail below.

1. Over the phone

As I stated before, the best place to buy vivint is over the phone. This is how most home security companies do business since they don’t always have stores that you can go into.

Typically you call in to build out a package over the phone and finalize it once a technician comes out to your home.

The good news is that the tech will be able to adjust your order once they get out there. So if you change your mind about any part of the system, you can always make adjustments on site.

If everything looks good, the tech will go ahead and install it right then and there.

For more info you can call them at 833-606-2573 or visit their website.

Normally they will collect the first month payment over the phone as a deposit in order to secure your time slot. If you choose not to move forward with Vivint, then it is refunded back into your account.

2. Door-to-door sales rep

Vivint does have door to door sales reps so it is possible to buy with them. However, they normally only come around during the summertime anyways. So there is no real predictable way to buy through them.

If you do happen to catch a sales rep out in your neighborhood you can have them tour the home with you and build out a package that meets your needs.

They typically come out between April to September. However, if you call Vivint to schedule an appointment for a sales guy to come out they will give you pricing over the phone and just send out a tech.

Sam’s Club or BestBuy

In some areas, they do have Vivint sales reps in store inside of select Sam’s club and Bestbuy. However, I’m not sure if this is available in every area, so going into your local Bestbuy may not be your best bet in buying Vivint.

I know that they have experimented with having sales reps in store to give customers a hands-on view of the equipment. Just like trying to find a door-to-door rep this may not be your most reliable way to buy.

The best way would be to call in.