5 Signs of an Attempted Break in and What to do About it

This is what you need to look out for

The most common signs of a break in are markings from a crowbar on your door, broken windows, or footprints throughout the yard. If you have seen one of these signs around your house, then there is a good change someone might have tried to get into the home.

A break in can be scary and leave you feeling uneasy. This is especially true when you know if someone tried to get in but didn’t. It can make you wonder if they will come back again for a second try.

Some people might think they are playing mind games with themselves. Be certain that there are signs that you can look for to have surety that someone did try and break in.

Below are the 5 most common signs that someone tried to get into your house. Let’s go into a deep dive of each one.

1. Broken Window or Door

This one is obvious. If you have a broken window or door, then it is clear that someone tried to break into your home.

Most burglars are looking for quick and easy. They will kick down the door and use a bat to break open the window to try and get it. Other methods such as picking a lock take time.

If your door frame is broken, or if you have a low hanging window that has been shattered then that is a clear sign that someone tried to get into the house.

2. Crowbar marks on door

Another common one is seeing crowbar marks on the outside of the door frame. Some burglars will try and pry their way in to gain easy access.

This will be easy to see because you will see the markings from the crowbar itself and any damage done to the door frame. You will notice wood that has been chipped or maybe the door doesn’t close the way it used to.

3. Footprints in the yard

Another clear sign is seeing footprints around the house. If it is snowing that will make it super obvious. If you have tall grass, you can see footprints that someone might have left behind as well.

I would recommend taking pictures of these markings and following the trail. They will normally lead up to a door or window.

If you can, you should try and make out the marking of the shoe. Was it a boot? Was it a sandal? How big is the mark? These are all pieces of evidence that the police will need to try and catch the person.

4. Gate or door left opened

Most of us are pretty good about closing the doors and gates in our homes when we leave the house. If you notice that the gate to your backyard was left open or your door to your home was left open then that would be another good sign that someone was around your home.

5. Your neighbor saw someone suspicious

We all have that one nosy neighbor. As annoying as it can be, they can make pretty good alarms. If your neighbor said they saw someone looking around the house then that is also a good sign that maybe someone was trying to break into the home.

If this were the case, this would be a great eye witness. I would recommend trying to get as much detail about the person, such as height, hair color, and gender. This way you can have something to show the police if you ever need it.

What to do about an attempted break in

There are really two things you can do about your attempted break in. You can alert the police and add more security to the house.

I would recommend doing both.

alert the police

If you alert the police then they can have an officer patrol the neighborhood. There is a good chance that if they went after your house that they would also go after a neighbor's house too.

When you alert the police try and give them as much info as possible. You should let them know the signs you say and at what times. This can also leave a paper trail in case they catch the guy. This would increase the chances of them going to jail.

install cameras or home security

The last thing is to up the security around the house. The easiest way to purchase home security cameras. Nothing beats solid video evidence.

I recommend Vivint Cameras because they they bring a pro out to install them for you. They even come with an app that you can download for remote viewing.

You can also look into a home security system. If someone were to break in, it would immediately sound the alarm and alert the police. This will help keep anyone out of the home. I recommend checking out vivint, but I also have a list of the best home security systems for this year that you can check out.

If Vivint doesn't fit your needs you can always check out ADT.