Does Vivint buyout ADT Contracts?

Here is everything you need to know

We have all been there. You have had your ADT service for a long time and you start to look at different options to either upgrade your equipment or see if you can save money on your bill. Vivint is an attractive option to many because of the quality of their equipment. However, there are a few things you should know before you switch.

Will Vivint buyout my ADT contract?

Vivint does not buyout contracts from any company. They can offer free install, free equipment, or discounts on monthly service to help offset the cost of you paying for your early termination fees. So it's worth giving them a call However, they will not write you a check to cancel your existing contract just as we see with cell phone companies.

Some sales reps for Vivint may help pay to buy out a contract from another company, but this comes out of their personal bank account. For example, if your buyout fee is $200 dollars and the Vivint sales rep makes $350 commission they will offer to pay you \$200 so you can sign up with them. This way they can earn some money versus nothing at all.

The sales rep told me that Vivint will buyout my contract

If a sales rep promised you that Vivint will buyout your contract, it isn’t 100% true. What the sales rep is referring to is that they will buyout your contract, but it comes from their personal bank account. The company itself will not buy it out.

If your sales rep promised this and they haven't given you any money then you will want to get in contact with them. They will typically give you a money order or just plain cash to help offset the costs. Most of them do this because it is still profitable for them to buy out your existing contract and make a commission for you signing up for their service.

Most of the time a Vivint rep will leave their contact info in the folder they left with you when you signed up. You can also call in and as for the person’s name because Vivint headquarters will keep track of who did the deal.

Does any company buyout ADT contracts?

No alarm company will buyout contracts from any other company. If someone does offer to buyout a contract it is going to be from the sales rep’s personal bank account. Your best bet would be to try and contact a local company and talk to one of the sales reps and see if it makes sense for them. Most of them make around $350 - $400 commission on a sale. So if your contract amount is higher than that they won’t be able to buy the whole thing out.

So how do I cancel my ADT contract without penalty?

The only way to cancel your ADT service without penalty is to either be in the first 3 days of your service agreement, 30 days for seniors, or to be at the end of your contract. If you are within the first few days of your service then you can cancel and get all of your money back easily. This is known as a trial period. ADT offers a 6 month guarantee, but that doesn’t come without its own headache.

Should I cancel ADT before or after I sign up for a new service?

This one doesn’t really matter. I see most people canceling after they sign up for a new service because every company has a 3 day grace period. So if you don’t like their service you can cancel the new one and keep ADT.

Can I keep my ADT equipment if I cancel?

Yes, you get to keep all of the equipment from ADT if you cancel your service. Most of the equipment that was installed should still work with other companies such as Vivint. They will have to give you a different panel, but most of the sensors will still work.

Can I use my ADT equipment without monitoring.

Yes, you can still use the ADT equipment without paying for monitoring because the alarm will still sound if it is armed. This means that you can still arm and disarm the system and sound the siren if someone tries to break in. The only difference is that they won’t call the police department for you.

You will also lose access to the app if you had the previously. This means that you can’t turn the alarm on and off remotely or watch your cameras through them.

Final Thoughts

It can be frustrating to find out that no one will buyout a contract. I wish we could see more of this in the industry just like we see from cell phone companies. I recommend either waiting the contract out or seeing if you are still in your grace period to cancel.

Also try giving Viving call to see what they can do for you. Their number is 833-606-2573 or you can visit their website here.