How to Cancel ADT

If you want to discontinue your ADT service you will need to call in at 800-658-6256. From there, a representative will send you a notice of cancellation that you must sign and send back. After you send the notice back, you will have successfully canceled your service.

If price is the main concern for you canceling, then they almost always are willing to work with you. They understand that there is a lot of competition out there and they usually will be pretty aggressive in giving you a good rate. The best way to get a good rate is normally by signing another agreement. After your initial term, they might be able to offer a shorter term, usually about 1 year, for a lower rate.

How to Cancel ADT Contract without Penalty

The only way to cancel your agreement without penalty is to be at the end of your contract. The other way is to be within the first 3 days of your service. This is known as your right of rescission period. For elderly, in some states, that can be up to 30 days. You will need to look at the agreement that you signed to see if you qualify.

Within the first 3 day period from when you signed the contract gives you the right to cancel without any penalty. You will need to call in and notify them. After that they will schedule a time and date to have a tech come out and remove the equipment.

Other than those two options, there is no other way to cancel the service while in contract without a penalty. Their contract is normally 36 months long. So if you want to cancel, you will have to pay 75% of your monthly price multiplied by however many months you have left. For example, if you pay $50 a month and you have 10 months left you will pay $400 to get rid of your contract.

SIDE NOTE Some companies offer a “free” move. The “free move”doesn’t come without a price though. They instead add on a few extra months to your contract to cover their costs to move the system. The other option is to pay a \$99 move fee and not extend the contract. This is why I recommend it because in the long run it will be cheaper because you can renegotiate your contract at the end.

Upgrade your system

Many people will want to cancel because their equipment is old. Just like cell phones, the technology is always getting better. ADT is more than happy to take your existing system and upgrade it, even during your agreement. So if you feel like you have missed out on nice features that you wish you had when you started, I would recommend giving them a call to see what they can do for you. Just remember that if you add extra features then your price will obviously go up.

Research other options

If you feel strongly that you really need to cancel your ADT service, then I have a recommended list that you can check out for the best security systems on the market. I have a full review for both professionally installed systems and DIY systems. You can click here to go check out what are the top security companies that I recommend.