How to Cancel Vivint

You will need to call 1-800-216-5232 in order to cancel your service with Vivint. An agent will send over a notice of cancellation via email that you will need to sign. Once you sign your notice of cancellation and send it back, your service will be officially canceled.

Vivint does not have any early termination fees. However, if you owe money on the equipment then you will have to pay that off. If you pay off the remaining balance of the equipment you can cancel the service at any time with no penalties. You cannot cancel the service and just pay monthly for the equipment though. The remaining equipment balance must be paid off in order to discontinue the service.

With most security companies, they will take your monthly bill and multiply it by how many months you have left in your contract. Vivint has the advantage because it is normally cheaper to just pay off your equipment balance than to pay for the rest of the remaining months of your contract.

Keep the Equipment

After all the equipment is paid off it is yours to keep. Some of the equipment will be compatible with other companies, such as the door and window sensors. Other items such as the panel and cameras will not work with other providers. The system will work locally even if you are not paying for the service. This means that you can still arm and disarm the system, but don’t expect Vivint to call the police department for you if the alarm goes off. Also you will lose all functionality of the app.

If the price is reasoning that you are canceling, I recommend bargaining for a lower price. They will almost always lower the monthly bill or offer free equipment to keep you as a customer. Sometimes they will ask to sign a year agreement in exchange for a lower price.

I’m cancelling because I’m moving

If the reason for cancelling is because you are moving then you will be glad to know that Vivint is nationwide. Just about anywhere you move to in the US they service. They will have you take the panel with you, but most of the time they will provide new door and window sensors to your new home.

If you really must go

As always I recommend calling them to see if there is anything that they can do to resolve any issues that you have to keep you as a customer. They are pretty good about being competitive with their rates if that’s what it takes to maintain your business. If you are interested in another company, I have many reviews and suggestions that you can check out and find a different provider that better fits your needs. To see all of my recommendations click here!