What Happens to my Vivint Equipment after Cancellation?

Wondering what happens to your equipment if you cancel your Vivint service is a common question. Many companies will come back and try to grab some of the equipment, but Vivint is different.

If you cancel your Vivint service, you keep all of the equipment. The equipment is yours to keep and you can do whatever you would like with it.

After the equipment is paid off you get to keep it. Vivint’s bill is split into two pieces, the monitoring and the equipment. The equipment is rolled up into your monthly bill financed, usually at 0% apr.

It’s just like a cell phone plan. Once your phone is paid off you get to keep it. The same goes for Vivint.

So let’s cover some of your options when it comes to discontinuing your service.

Keep the equipment and use it without monitoring service

Sometimes your life circumstances change and you no longer need the monitoring to the police.

The good news is that even if you stop paying for your service, the alarm will still sound if someone tries to break in.

This means that you can still turn the alarm on and off just like you used to, but you will have to do this right at the keypad since you will no longer have access to the app.

You can turn the alarm on at night and if someone tries to break in then it will sound the siren and hopefully scare off anyone trying to get in.

The cameras will still work as well. Except you won’t be able to view them on your phone. Instead you will have to view them from the panel where it will save all of your video clips until the storage is full. From there it will delete the oldest video and replace it with the newest.

You can try to sell your equipment

Yes, you can even try to sell your equipment if you don’t plan on using it. You can see the most recently sold items on ebay to see that they do sell pretty fast.

You probably won’t be able to make all of your money back, but you will be able to make some of it back.

If you end up selling your panel, just remember to factory reset it. This way it wipes it clean of all your data.

You can check out the instructions on their website.

You can switch companies

The other logical thing would be to switch companies. You might switch to ADT or another competitor.

The benefit in doing this is that you can keep some of your equipment and not have to buy all brand new.

The downside is that some of the equipment will not work with other companies.

List of equipment that will not work with other brands:

  • Vivint panel
  • Vivint Cameras
  • Vivint App

List of equipment that will/should work with other brands:

  • Vivint sensors
  • Vivint thermostat
  • Vivint Doorlock

The other thing that I would like to note is that many of the DIY systems such as Simplisafe and Ring will not work with any of the Vivint equipment. This is true for most companies though. For example if you have Monitronics, their equipment will not work with Simplisafe and Ring.

The exception to this rule is Ring cameras with ADT security.

So if you go the DIY route just plan on buying all new equipment.

Final thoughts

Hopefully that answers all of your questions about your equipment after cancellation. You can always give Vivint a call back before you cancel to see what they can do about upgrades and your monthly bill. I know that their customer service department can be pretty aggressive when it comes to keeping their accounts.